Our store is a little different. Instead of selling mass produced items, we concentrated on hand crafted items. Here in Mexico, some of the crafts are dying out, so we decided to collaborate with artisans to help keep their craft alive and to help the street dogs. Each item is  a little different, each item is hand made with love!


Shipping is free, and included in the price of each item. There is a $10.00 service charge for shipping to Canada. All items ship out of the United States.



  • Guayaberas

    Guayaberas (3)

    The Guayabera is the traditional shirt of Mexico. This version for your dog is handcrafted by local textile artisans and is a scale replica of the real deal! Made from 100% cotton, produced in vibrant colors, and machine washable. Our doggy Guayaberas come in Extra Small, Small and Medium.
  • Leashes

    Leashes (6)

    Our leashes are all hand crafted by hammock artisans. They are made to last out of high quality fibers. Each leash is 47 inches long, and constructed of the same vibrantly colored fibers used to make quality hammocks.
  • Reversi - Vests

    Reversi - Vests (16)

    Each of our Reversi-Vests is hand crafted by a shelter volunteer. They are constructed of high end fabric and are fully reversible. Just right for those days when your pooch needs to look amazing. Let your dog put their best paw forward in a beautiful Reversi-Vest!