Vet Clinic Project

Project: Build a vet clinic for stray dogs Unfortunately, strays are easily seen in all streets of Mexico. Playa Animal Rescue is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured and abandoned dogs, and ultimately finding them permanent loving homes. Their clinic is is the process of being built, and they need help finishing it. Aside from rescuing strays, Playa Animal Rescue’s dream is to build a low cost clinic for the pets of local people who have fewer resources, hence promoting health for the locals. Help us raise awareness for a culture of non-violence towards animals. Animal Supplies:
  • Blankets, Towels, Brushes and combs, Chew toys, Collars, Dog carriers (all sizes),
  • Dog crates (all sizes), Dog food, Dog snacks,
  • Metal food bowls, Flea shampoo, Harnesses, Leashes,
  • Pet shampoo and conditioners.
  • Frontline, Heartgard, De Wormer,
  • Surgical instrument cleaner and lubricant, surgical instrument marking tape or rings
  • Sterile surgical latex gloves all sizes.
For the Clinic:
  • Exam tables
  • Surgical table
  • Portable exam lights
  • Microscope camera
  • Sterile surgical gloves all sizes
  • Surgical instrument cleaner and lubricant
  • Surgical instrument marking tape or rings
  • aspiration suction unit
  • Hemotolog Analyser (mindray BC2800 Vet)
  • Dental cleaning device (Cavitron)
  • Laryngoscope and cuffed animal endotracheal tubes

Little Joe’s Story:

Little Joe touched many hearts, and because of the animals like him, we are more determined to help as many abandoned/abused dogs in Playa Del Carmen as we can. To do this, we need to finish our Clinic, furnish it, and have it fully functional. joe_clinic We have the basics right now (exam table, sinks, and very basic medical equipment), but a lot more is required. Joe will have a place of honor in the new clinic, so please, in his memory, donate to help us reach our goal of 5000.00. Joe’s memory will forever live on at Playa Animal Rescue. Chip In and watch us grow.