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About Us

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing a solution for dogs who have been born on the street, or abandoned by their owners. Life for these dogs is short, and full of misery. Our main focus is the extremely vulnerable, those who are ill, injured or too young to survive on their own.

Who we are.

Playa Animal Rescue is a No-Kill dog rescue located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

In continuous operation since 2011, we operate with a multi purpose goal. To rescue dogs who are suffering on the street. To bring those dogs to health, physically and emotionally, and to find them loving permanent homes.

In addition, we promote Spay/Neuter as a long term solution to the overpopulation of street dogs. We believe that outreach and education is a vital part of that solution.

We receive no support from the Mexican government to do our work. We are supported solely by donations. 100% of every donation goes directly to the care of the dogs.

Thank you for your support!

Our Team

Playa Animal Rescue Advisory Board:

President/Treasurer – Sue Silva

Vice President/Operations Manager – Jan Northenscold

Social Media Director – Pat Faulstitch

Deb Hoke

Craig Faulstitch

Playa Animal Rescue Support Team:

Shelter Director – Dr. Mauricio Ramirez

Playa Animal Rescue is a non profit organization, registered in:

USA – Playa Animal House AC d/b/a Playa Animal Rescue. U.S. FEIN #45-4956962,

Mexico –Β  RFC PAH11205NNA

How to Help

Click the tabs below to see different ways you can help.

We rely solely on donations to continue our work rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing street dogs.

We appreciate your support more than we can say, and every dollar raised goes directly to the care of the dogs.

You can donate directly through either PayPal or Network for Good

PayPal LogoΒ  Β  Β  Β  Β 

We have provided the opportunity in both spaces for either a one-time donation or a monthly gift. Our monthly donors give us the certainty that each month there will be funds for the dogs’ care.

If you prefer, you can mail a check in USD dollars to:

Playa Animal Rescue

20 Copperfield Avenue

North Easton MA, 02356


For a local adoption, interested parties must fill out an application,

and have a home check prior to adoption. Our local adoption fee is $800

pesos. For more information, email:

International Rescue Transfers to our Humane Partners

* Vet certificate fee – $50

We work with established organizations in Canada to place our dogs into

loving and responsible homes. We have found this to be the best solution

for international adoptions, as there are people in place in the

adoption location to assist with any issues.

Charm School.

On most Saturdays, we hold Charm School. Volunteers come to the shelter to walk dogs and help them get used to walking with manners, and to get used to all kinds of different people. This helps the dogs to work off excess energy and to be exposed to sights and sounds of normal life outside the rescue.

Training and exercise.

We love to have volunteers come into PAR during the week to help the dogs learn manners and good behavior. The dogs need exercise to reduce excess energy, and they need to learn how to navigate life outside the doors of PAR. Volunteers will work directly with our Veterinarian Mauricio.

Fundraising and events.

Throughout the year, we hold fundraising events. Two of our bigger ones are the Mayakoba Classic PGA golf tournament and the Andale market.

PAR Marshalls a hole at a major PGA tournament each year in return, the PGA makes a donation to us.Β  We have a large booth at the Andale market each December and are always in need of people to man that booth to help us sell donations. If you are interested in more information on either of those events or other ways you can help us fundraise, contact us.

Airport runs.

Almost all of our dogs fly to the Toronto area once they’re ready for adoption. They are then placed in homes with the help of our humane Partners. We need people with reliable vehicles to help move the dogs to the airport for their flights. And, to help get them checked in for their flight and go through customs on this end.

Flight parents.

We need people that are traveling from Cancun to Toronto to take our dogs to their new homes. Flight parents are provided with all the paperwork and instructions necessary to easily move the dogs through this process. You will be met on the Toronto end by the adoptive parents or fosters. It’s a super easy process, and the flight parent incurs no additional expense. There will be people on both ends of your flight to help you through the entire process.

We have several ways that local people can help us by fostering a dog in their home.


When a dog is found that needs to come into the shelter, we don’t always have space available in our quarantine area. A local family can help by fostering that dog until a spot for it opens up in quarantine. This foster situation is usually short-term, but we cannot guarantee an entry date for the dog. That is dependent totally on having a spot open up in quarantine.


Fosters can also help us with dogs who need socialization prior to adoption. Foster homes can help a dog get over any fears they might have, making the dog a better candidate for adoption.


We also look for fosters for dogs who have a set date for flying out. This situation is a short-term foster and helps to transition the dog to live in a home environment.

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