Local Fosters are always required to help bring in new Dogs into the shelter if we do not have space in our quarantine area. Fostering would require that the dog is kept away from other dogs, and out of dirt/grass to keep it away from possible diseases. This helps us quarantine the dog and get it healthy before being transitioned into the regular shelter runs. This time of foster could be a short term situation, but dates are not be guaranteed because we never know how quickly we will have space open to bring the dog into the shelter.

Fosters can also help us with dogs that need socialization prior to adoption. Many dogs have fears of loud noises/cars or of people in general and need help to get over those fears to be a more balanced dog for an adoption. This time of foster could be a long term situation, as the dog would stay until a forever home is found. 

Fosters can also help us with dogs that have a home/travel date planned, and could use some time in a home to get a bit adjusted to life before is sent to her forever place. This time of foster would be a short term situation.

We only use pre-approved humane partners for international fosters.